Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Cairnoodle breeder, and other Poodle-Hybrid Puppies in Spokane, Washington

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***Experience the MAGIC***

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Abracadoodle Kennel

10th Annual


August 30 Sunday

Camp Charlie Off Leash park Duvall, WA

email for more details



Odessa & Puzzle Std UD puppies 5-14-15!!

Natasha & Merlin Dtd F1b GD puppies 5-14-15!!

Zumba & Hocus Pocus med UD puppies 5-9-15

Hermione & Gandalf Milti-gen Std LD puppies 5-10-15!!!

Dream & Lancelot Std. UD puppies 5-2-15!!!

Rosie & Forest med UD puppies 4-5-15!!

Won Ton & Dancer Cairnoodle puppies 3-23-15!!

Whimsy & Smudge Cairnoodle puppies 3-21-15!!

Roxy & Dancer Cairnoodle puppies 3-20-15!!







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